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Xavier Magazine | January 19, 2019

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Spring 2012

Non-traditional Students

May 1, 2012 |

Xavier students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and a wide geographic range. Here are a few of the most non-traditional.

Native American

Robert Corritore represents a different twist to the idea of a non-traditional student. Corritore is a … Read More

Second Chance

April 1, 2012 |

The first time Kimberly Davis went to prison, she was 18 years old. She had picked up a ravenous heroin habit as a runaway in California and returned home to Cincinnati—addicted and broke.

Desperate to get high, she helped a … Read More

Ruff Life with Big Cats

April 1, 2012 |

A typical workday for Margaret Ruff includes a swim—with tigers. Full-grown Indochinese tigers.

She dons her swim shorts and shirt, ties back her hair and grabs the tigers’ favorite brightly colored inflatable balloon toys. Entering the pool area through a … Read More

Racing Dentist

April 1, 2012 |

When Charlie DiPasquale was a biology major at Xavier in the late 1960s, he loved sports cars and dreamed of owning a flashy set of wheels. He used to go to an old Jaguar dealership and gape at the sleek … Read More

Making Waves

April 1, 2012 |

The storyline goes like this: Two airheads stumble into a nearly empty campus radio station. The dysfunctional duo wrangle control of the microphone, and proceed to channel a blend of Jerry Lewis and Les Nessman. Panic ensues.

You couldn’t script … Read More

Extra Credit: Kent A. Beausoleil, S.J.

April 1, 2012 |

Kent A. Beausoleil, S.J., has served as an emergency room orderly, bartender, pastry chef, governmental budget officer and assistant city manager. He was born at Great Lakes Naval Training Station in Waukegan, Ill., the second youngest of seven children.

After … Read More

Compost Initiative

April 1, 2012 |

Xavier and Chartwells, the University’s food service provider, plan to implement a new program to divert all of the food waste generated in the new Hoff Dining Commons out of the landfill. Xavier will utilize the services of Future Organics … Read More

Chapter President Spotlight: Tricia Stagger

April 1, 2012 |

Name: Tricia Staggers

Major: Pre-Medicine, Bachelor of Liberal Arts, with minors in Political Science and Natural Sciences, as well as additional significant coursework in American Sign Language.

Graduation year: 2003 (I got a head start on college at the age … Read More

Profile: Richard Romanus

April 1, 2012 |

Richard Romanus Bachelor of Science in philosophy, 1964 Actor Skiathos Island, Greece

Claim to Fame | Romanus has the kind of craggy face that you recognize immediately, a mug shot captured in a plethora of television episodes and Hollywood moments. … Read More

Catching Up with Frank Abagnale

April 1, 2012 |

You’ve got to credit Frank W. Abagnale Jr. with audacity, if not modesty.

How many famous white-collar criminals, after all, are so emboldened that they’d happily show up before an audience at a Jesuit Catholic university—a righteous crowd which includes … Read More

Building a Cool School

April 1, 2012 |

In her dreams, Katie Loftus Riley’s fundraising campaign for her school’s building project would feature a song written by a famous country singer that’s played at every public appearance and even highlighted on a video at the top of the … Read More

Anchor’s Away

April 1, 2012 |

Hilary Zalla was standing in a woman’s backyard in Minot, N.D., watching the rising Souris River slip its wet fingers over a long line of sandbags trying their best to keep the waters at bay. But the river was clearly … Read More

Profile: Patrica Kruse Herbold

April 1, 2012 |

Patrica Kruse Herbold Bachelor of Science in chemistry, Edgecliff 1962 Former U.S. Ambassador to Singapore Bellevue, Wash.


Embassy Row | Pat Herbold is a retired foreign envoy and attorney, but she’s hardly retiring. Active in both Republican politics and … Read More

Behind the Book

April 1, 2012 |

I thought I was living a healthy lifestyle. I ate healthfully, exercised regularly, took vitamins and supplements, and had regular checkups.

On July 18, 2008, my husband, Joe, and I drove to Zanesville, Ohio, for my nephew’s wedding. I had … Read More

A Hare-Raising Tale

April 1, 2012 |

Even after undergoing a complete hysterectomy, the removal of a lymph node and six rounds of chemo, Karen Goff Dyser still has to face a frightening statistic: The five-year survival rates for her Stage 3 ovarian cancer are just 27 … Read More