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Xavier Magazine | April 20, 2018

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Spring 2007

Matters of Faith

April 1, 2007 |

As Rabbi Abie Ingber sits in his Schott Hall office, there’s a knock on his half-closed door. A student sticks his head in.


“Can I help you?” Ingber asks.

The student stops and stammers before a sheepish grin settles … Read More

Knitters Moves

April 1, 2007 |

Just when professor emeritus of theology Paul Knitter thought he was done in the classroom, he got an offer he couldn’t refuse. Union Theological Seminary, the oldest inter-denominational seminary in the nation and one of the most prestigious, targeted Knitter … Read More

China Connections

April 1, 2007 |

chinaregLast October, Beth Bronsil took her in-depth knowledge of Montessori education to China and Taiwan where she visited government-run kindergarten and elementary schools in Suzhou and Shanghai and a private school in Qingdao. Read More

Nursing Calls

April 1, 2007 |

Holding a syringe at arm’s length, Joyce Cruz checks that it contains exactly 100 milligrams of Dilantin, then slips it into the intravenous line strapped to the arm of a man having a seizure in the hospital bed beside her. … Read More

Women’s Business

April 1, 2007 |

Businessmen have long had their “old boys’ network.” Now it’s the women’s turn. The M.B.A. Women’s Association was launched in the fall and already boasts 70 members. They include M.B.A. students and graduates, says Angel Elvin (above), an M.B.A. student … Read More

The Great Communicator Tom Clark

April 1, 2007 |

Tom Clark designed the Williams College of Business’ business profession program and is director for the entrepreneurial center. But for many, Clark is best known as the instructor who taught them how to write clearly—a skill being lost as a … Read More

The Good Books

April 1, 2007 |

After some Chopin, a little Debussy and a bit of Beethoven, music education major Tracey Book lightened the mood for the finale of her senior piano recital last fall with a rendition of Errol Garner’s jazz tune “Misty.” Joining her … Read More

Telly Time

April 1, 2007 |

“A Blessing to One Another: Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People,” the landmark exhibit that debuted at Xavier in 2005, continues to draw attention. In November the Xavier University television center received a silver Telly Award—the highest Telly … Read More

Taxing Time

April 1, 2007 |

For the fifth time, Xavier’s tax team of four undergraduate students entered the Deloitte Tax Case Study National Competition and came out a winner. This time, the team racked up a fourth honorable mention, which netted the University a $1,000 … Read More

Swimming and Winning

April 1, 2007 |

With each stroke April Kerley’s shoulder burned with pain. Born without her right hand, she often overcompensated on her left side, putting a lot of stress on the rotator cuff. However, this was an important race, and Kerley was determined … Read More

Rules Rituals Routines

April 1, 2007 |

Move over, Mister Rogers. Tom Knestrict has arrived. The professor of early childhood education has entered the digital world—pure fantasy when Fred Rogers was starting his popular, child-focused TV show in the late 1960s—with DVDs and audio CDs of his … Read More

Now Showing

April 1, 2007 |

It’s not unusual to see a few brand names pop up in the middle of a TV show or movie—ET eating Reese’s Pieces, a Delorian in “Back to the Future,” Junior Mints on “Seinfeld.” Now, instead of occasional guest appearances, … Read More

Minor Leagues

April 1, 2007 |

When Steve Brice graduated in 2004 with a degree in sport marketing, he was ready for the working world. Unfortunately, the working world wasn’t ready for him. He knew finding a job in the sports industry wouldn’t happen overnight, so … Read More

Manresa, 1989

April 1, 2007 |

Students in blue and white T-shirts inscribed with the words “It’s Your Move” descended on the cars of unsuspecting freshmen on Aug. 25, 1989, to welcome them to their new home. Volunteers hauled mini refrigerators, Pink Floyd posters and cassette … Read More

Imagining Success

April 1, 2007 |

Mike Kohlbecker’s attraction to advertising was simple: “Getting paid to hang out with my imagination all day … how could I refuse?” Imagination is paying off for the 2002 graduate, who’s just completing his first year as an art director … Read More