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Xavier Magazine | December 13, 2018

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Spring 2006

Motorcycle Diaries

April 1, 2006 |

Patrick Mogavero left his Hebron, Ky., home in the dark, cool morning hours of Sept. 3, mounted his silver and black 1986 Kawasaki Concours and headed toward Charleston, W. Va. Eighteen hours and 1,072 miles later, the 1979 graduate returned, … Read More


April 1, 2006 |

Pat and I walked into the Melbourne Bar with the confidence of inexperience. The place was known around Xavier as the bar near the nursing school. It was like so many of its kind: slightly seedy, significantly smoky; it was … Read More

Learning to Work

April 1, 2006 |

Inside Sarah Patterson’s backpack, tucked in between her notebook and lunch box, is a small baggie containing a calculator, a blood-testing device and a syringe loaded with insulin. It’s her daily guarantee that she’ll be able to complete her workday … Read More

Island Calls

April 1, 2006 |

Although a small island country only 260 square miles in size, Singapore is home to 4.2 million people—and at least one of them is an alumna. Last fall, the Bush Administration appointed Patricia Herbold, a 1962 Edgecliff graduate, as the … Read More

History Calls

April 1, 2006 |

As part of its 175th anniversary celebration, the University is collecting pieces of its past. And it’s requesting the help of any alumni or friend who would like to contribute to the cause. If anyone has rare, old or unique … Read More

Grounds for Change

April 1, 2006 |

The idea of using fair-trade coffee for the Romero International Student Center’s weekly coffee hour had been brewing in Kathy Hammett’s mind for some time. But while the director for the center was concerned about affordability, when an alumnus asked, … Read More

Greek Week 1977

April 1, 2006 |

“Once again the crazy people come out of their rooms and find out what college is not all about,” reads the 1977 Greek Week program. For the sixth year, student teams competed in a road rally, White Castle-eating contest, vertical … Read More

Gaelic Performance

April 1, 2006 |

Her last name may be German, but Kathryn “Katie” Else is all Irish. Both her grandmothers are Irish, she played in an Irish band at Xavier and people have always told her her voice has an Irish lilt. So it’s … Read More

Food for Thought

April 1, 2006 |

Little did Sarah Wagner know when she took her first job bussing tables at Barresi’s Italian restaurant at age 15 that she would one day return to the traditional, upscale restaurant in Cincinnati—as its owner.

But last year, at age … Read More

Florida Transplant

April 1, 2006 |

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Bulgaria and Bosnia, Monica Fish enjoyed working in foreign lands where the residents speak a different language and the culture feels anything but American. So when the 2000 graduate began looking for a new … Read More

Faculty Spotlight

April 1, 2006 |

Gene Beaupré, director for government relations, discusses eminent domain and how Xavier students have gotten involved in the debate.

Why is eminent domain such a hot issue? A 2005 U.S. Supreme Court decision (Kelo v. New London) incited a national … Read More