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Xavier Magazine | November 15, 2018

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Spring 2002

Profile: Virgil Ecton

April 1, 2002 |

During his undergraduate days at Indiana University, Virgil Ecton was a champion gymnast on the parallel bars. He led the gymnastics team in points scored and was highly ranked in the Big 10 Conference. So when his 14-year-old daughter, Blair, … Read More

Profile: Melanie Bates

April 1, 2002 |

There have been a few firsts in Melanie Bates’ life: first woman in her family to go away to college; first wave of females admitted to the University in the early 1970s; first woman graduate to serve on the alumni … Read More

Wishes Granted

April 1, 2002 |

The University recently received its largest federal grant ever—$850,000 through the U.S. Department of Education. The grant is for the creation of a new office to focus on providing assistance and meeting the needs of students who are low-income, first … Read More

Saintly Statue

April 1, 2002 |

Students arriving on campus this semester found a giant newcomer on the academic mall—a 7-foot-high bronze statue of St. Ignatius Loyola on a 4-foot brick pedestal in front of Logan Hall.

The replica of the founder of the Jesuits glints … Read More

Right Names

April 1, 2002 |

The Gallagher Student Center is named after its major benefactor—Charles P. Gallagher—but the University is offering naming rights to several areas both inside and outside of the building. In return for gifts of $50,000 to $3 million, donors get to … Read More

Urban Renewal

April 1, 2002 |

Sharon Johnson was a sixth-grade teacher who wanted to be a principal. She was also a single parent, though. And finding the funds to go back to school to earn a principal’s certificate would have required putting a death squeeze … Read More


April 1, 2002 |

When Jo Ann Osterkamp Henderson injured her ankle early in her senior year, the coaches weren’t sure she’d make it off the bench. But Henderson recovered, and the 1984 graduate went on to become the first basketball player in the … Read More

A New Track

April 1, 2002 |

Kerry Hils likes to go running with her dogs, Bear and Red. They’re puppies, really, just eight months old and still full of energy and life. They’re that way, at least, until they get done running with Hils. The dogs … Read More

New Honors

April 1, 2002 |

A cadre of University scholars is developing a second honors program fashioned after a popular British pre-law program. The philosophy, politics and public honors program will be ready by fall 2003. Admission will be competitive and limited to about 15 … Read More

Counseling Changes

April 1, 2002 |

The department of graduate counseling programs is restructuring its curriculum leading to licensure as a mental health counselor. Beginning this fall, graduate students will register for a single 60-hour program for the master of arts in mental health counseling.

The … Read More

Future Course

April 1, 2002 |

Over and over the faculty took the message to University President Michael J. Graham, S.J.: It’s getting serious out here. Classroom space and resources are being stretched. Technology is lagging. Class sizes are increasing, while faculty are decreasing. There’s also … Read More

Ethics and Enron

January 1, 2002 |

As the smoke still rises from the collapse of Enron Corp.—a meltdown sparked by a series of unethical and misguided practices—University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., made one thing clear to the faculty of the Williams College of Business recently: … Read More