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Xavier Magazine | April 22, 2018

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Did You Hear the One About the Rabbi and the Priest?

April 16, 2015 |

A priest and a rabbi walk onto a college campus and discover the same thing. They’re in love—with the students, with mankind, with God. Al Bischoff, SJ, known affectionately at Xavier as “Father B,” and Rabbi Abie Ingber began an … Read More

Two New Institutes

April 14, 2015 |

Xavier launched two new institutes in 2014—one for the heart, the other for the mind.

The new Institute for Spirituality and Social Justice focuses on the integration of knowledge, spirituality and social engagement and offers graduate theology degrees, certificate programs, … Read More

Into the Wild

April 14, 2015 |

A program started by visiting theology professor and alum Leon Chartrand gives a whole new meaning to the idea of the outdoor classroom. Xavier Expeditions offers courses that include trips to cool places such as Yellowstone Park and the Sawtooth … Read More

A Year of Faith

October 1, 2013 |

It’s been a busy year for Xavier on the faith front.

In response to Pope Benedict XVI’s declaration of the Year of Faith—called to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the 50th … Read More

The Sisters

July 2, 2013 |

Xavier is known for its Jesuits, but the order of priests have not been the only religious presence in the history of the University. Nuns have also had a place at Xavier, even though the Jesuits don’t have a corresponding order … Read More

Prayers for Prisoners

October 1, 2012 |

At 6:30 a.m. on a Friday in April, Virginia Hewan pulls up to the gate of the Dayton Correctional Institute with about 30 members of a prison ministry group. It’s time for their security screening.

Then come three days of … Read More

Profile: Sr. Kate O’Leary

April 1, 2012 |

Sr. Kate O’Leary Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 2007 Franciscan Novice in formation Chicago

West Side Story | “I was working as a nurse at Loyola Medical Center in a surgical trauma unit, the ICU,” says the 27-year-old. “I had … Read More

Of God and Grizzly

October 2, 2011 |

We’re halfway up the hillside when we first see the footprints. Grizzly bear. The dirt around the edges of the prints is still loose, not compacted by the recent rain, meaning the tracks are fresh. Meaning the bear is here. … Read More

Open Windows

July 2, 2011 |

In 1965, the Catholic Church concluded its revolutionary Second Vatican Council in which it “threw open the windows of the Church” and let in some fresh air. Among its changes was a well-known document calledNostra Aetate that revolutionized the Church’s policies and … Read More

Help for Humans

July 1, 2011 |

Tammy Wynn was driving to a crematorium to retrieve her father’s remains in 2004. En route, she was praying and reflecting on her father’s life when her thoughts shifted to her beloved cat, Cagney, who died a year earlier. While … Read More

At Home in Rome

July 1, 2011 |

All roads lead to Rome, even those that start in Kentucky. After a lifetime of living and working in the Commonwealth, Sr. Mary Shauna Bankemper now finds herself in the historical heart of the Catholic Church as a newly elected … Read More

Jesus and Jeans

April 1, 2011 |

Folks in Hutchison, Kan., are likely to see Rev. Michael Milliken walking about town in his normal priestly attire—a pair of Levi’s, boots and a ball cap. The 1992 master’s in theology graduate and former adjunct professor believes a church … Read More

Green Thumb

April 1, 2011 | | One Comment

Jonathan Trauth didn’t get into farming for the money. On a Saturday at Findlay Market last fall, he made $12 selling the vegetables he helped grow with eight political refugees from the central African country of Burundi. “I got to … Read More

The Revelation

October 2, 2010 |

There’s something about Mary. The Mother of Jesus has had a profound impact on countless people over the last 2,000 years. Cathedrals were built in her name. Religious orders were created to honor her. Many have and continue to pray to … Read More

Jesuit Dialogue

October 1, 2010 |

They came to Xavier from 12 Jesuit colleges and universities spread across America’s heartland—Nebraska, Missouri, Belize. Wait. Belize is part of America’s heartland? Well, no. It’s more like an honorary member. But where they came from isn’t important. What’s important … Read More