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Xavier Magazine | December 11, 2018

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Fall 2012

Dream Course

October 1, 2012 |

The first time the American public heard the phrase “American Dream” was in 1914, when Walter Lippmann referred to it once in his book Drift and Mastery to describe the importance of the “enterprising individual” in America.

The public barely … Read More

Living Well

October 1, 2012 |

As he entered retirement, Jim Ollier worried about all the stories he heard over the years of people falling apart without the dependable demand of the daily workplace routine. What was he going to do? How was he going to … Read More

Life’s Playground

October 1, 2012 |

Monica Scalf was teaching a freshman composition class at Xavier when someone in the class had one of those ah-ha moments—those times of discovery when the light bulb of understanding suddenly pops on.

As it turns out, the ah-ha person … Read More

Golf Marathon

October 1, 2012 |

The economic misery of the Great Depression apparently had a positive side effect. No, not market regulations. Entertainment.

Short on money, the people went to bizarre if not amusing lengths to find ways to entertain themselves and take their minds … Read More

Fun at Work

October 1, 2012 |

Bright, bouncy balloons have always been the calling card of fun and games. But the world of color-shot latex is serious business for Kathy and John Bunker.

The couple—Kathy, a 1987 MED graduate, and John, a 1983 marketing graduate—are owners … Read More

World Choir Games Friendship Concert

October 1, 2012 |

The World Choir Games were held in Cincinnati this summer, bringing 15,000 people from 64 countries to the region. Nearly 1,000 of the participants stayed in Xavier’s residence halls during the 11-day event. Among those competing in the Games: Xavier’s … Read More

Classic Teaching

October 1, 2012 |

This year, Kailyn Cripe has her class reading The Count of Monte Cristo, The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Odyssey, among other works of literature. A good dose of the classics—just what every high school student needs, right? Except this: Cripe’s … Read More

Real Teaching

October 1, 2012 |

Like many teachers, Kevin Dockery took a vacation this summer. But while he sank his toes in the sand of a Charleston, S.C., beach, he was also teaching a government class in a school district 500 miles away. All he … Read More

Prayers for Prisoners

October 1, 2012 |

At 6:30 a.m. on a Friday in April, Virginia Hewan pulls up to the gate of the Dayton Correctional Institute with about 30 members of a prison ministry group. It’s time for their security screening.

Then come three days of … Read More

App Alert

October 1, 2012 |

When Kristi Zuhlke was a marketing and entrepreneurship student at Xavier, she couldn’t wait until graduation to start her own business. So she didn’t.

During her sophomore year, she and two classmates pooled their resources, business knowledge and free time … Read More

Off the Court

October 1, 2012 |

By all accounts, Jeremy Miller was one of Xavier’s all-time best tennis players. His name still stands several times in the record books—10th in all-time singles wins with 63, 10th in all-time doubles wins with 51, 6th in overall wins … Read More

Negative to Positive: An Encounter with Pope John XXIII

October 1, 2012 |

I arose early on March 19, 1963, and downed a quick cup of cappuccino and breakfast roll in anticipation of attending the Beatification of Luigi Maria Palazzolo later that afternoon at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. But first I had … Read More

Profile: Maj. Mark Smydra

October 1, 2012 |

Maj. Mark Smydra Bachelor of Arts in organizational communications, 1995 Master of Education in agency and community counseling, 1996 Strategy and Plans Officer, Department of Defense Washington, D.C.

Walk On | Smydra walked onto Xavier’s campus … Read More

Profile: Col. Paul Fellinger Jr.

October 1, 2012 |

Col. Paul Fellinger Jr. Bachelor of Arts in international affairs, 1990 Garrison Commander for the U.S. Army Garrison at Presidio Monterey, Calif.

Army Brat | Paul Fellinger Jr., has been moving since before he had motor skills. … Read More

Profile: Lt. Col. Paul Fellinger Sr.

October 1, 2012 |

Lt. Col. Paul Fellinger Sr. Bachelor of Arts in history, 1967 Retired Cincinnati

Blue Bloods | Four generations of Fellinger freshmen have now passed through Xavier’s doors—Raymond Fellinger, an English student who went on to become Xavier’s … Read More