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Xavier Magazine | April 20, 2018

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Fall 2002

Strong Recomendations

October 1, 2002 |

Among items discovered in a box of files in the department of physics was a real gem: a letter by Albert Einstein.

The letter is not dated, but it was written on behalf of Boris Podolsky, recommending him for a … Read More

Quantum Leap

October 1, 2002 |

In October 1962, the attention of the science world was on Xavier when the University hosted a conference on the foundations of quantum mechanics. Some of the world’s best physicists walked around campus, including Nobel Prize winners P.A.M. Dirac, then … Read More

Bargain Basement

October 1, 2002 |

Times have changed. In the old days, leftover chemicals in a chemistry lab were quickly disposed of. “Back then, if you could mix it and it didn’t explode, it went down the drain,” says Steve Owen, director for environmental safety.Read More

Going High Tech

October 1, 2002 |

When it comes to technology on campus, this really ain’t your father’s classroom anymore. The University is catching up and even pushing ahead in terms of the technology available—from Internet access to interactive classrooms—as a means of better educating its … Read More

X Files

October 1, 2002 |

Xavier Faces Janet O’Brien, department of athletics Raised in Lake Placid, N.Y., O’Brien married into a Xavier family. Her husband and brothers-in-law are alumni, her father-in-law began the Musketeer Club and her sister-in-law was one of the first female graduates. She … Read More

Water World

October 1, 2002 |

When it comes to his archeology project in Greece, George Harrison is sitting pretty—pretty in pink that is. Officially known as the Roman Crete Waterworks Project, the undertaking has unofficially been dubbed “Pretty in Pink” for the telltale signs of … Read More

Ticket to Ride

October 1, 2002 |

In many ways, business careers resemble amusement park rides. Some are like a roller coaster, with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. Some are like a merry-go-round, just spinning in circles until the music stops. Some are like … Read More

Seeing Green

October 1, 2002 |

Students have a new place to study—or toss a Frisbee, or sunbathe, or sleep. During the summer, the five houses in front of Husman Hall were torn down and a 1.2-acre campus green was built in their place. The green … Read More

On Wisconsin

October 1, 2002 |

For every 2,000 people living in Ashland, Wis., a tiny coastal city on chilly Lake Superior, there is a Xavier student. Why the direct link? The ROTC program and a guy named Jim Evans.

Evans, the former activities director at … Read More

Of Parking and Presidents

October 1, 2002 |

“I was in the M.B.A. program that met every Saturday,” says Ed Fink, a 1958 M.B.A. graduate. “At the time, I was traveling a lot on business, and getting to class was tough. I was always getting there at the … Read More

Letters to the Editor

October 1, 2002 |

About Abuse All of us are appalled by the abuse of children especially by those whom they trust. It would be well to reflect that there is more than one way to abuse children. Children who are hungry, homeless, lacking … Read More

In Search of Adventure

October 1, 2002 |

Bob Herring and three friends spent the month of July reliving the lives of the early river travelers. The gang rode a retrofitted pontoon boat down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers from Cincinnati to New Orleans in search of a … Read More

Health Offerings

October 1, 2002 |

It was a perfect winter day in New Haven, Conn., on Jan. 15—sunny skies, 20 degrees, crisp and clear—the kind of day that made David Benfer happy to go to work. But by 11:00 a.m., it quickly dissolved into the … Read More

Glued to His Seat

October 1, 2002 |

Mehrdad Safavian, a junior majoring in computer science with a minor in biology, natural sciences and mathematics, spent his summer participating in a rather unusual research project. Safavian worked with Dr. Peter N. Steinmetz in the brain-modeling laboratory at the … Read More

Fit to a T

October 1, 2002 |

Whenever a T-shirt was for sale on campus, Rachael Schlichte was there with money in hand. Homecoming, Manresa, the AIDS walk, X-Treme sports—she got them all. It wasn’t that she was a clotheshorse, but rather she had a very special … Read More