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Xavier Magazine | November 15, 2018

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Grade A Program

January 1, 2002 |

The stamp of approval that arrived last July at the psychology department was anything but simple to obtain, yet everything a doctoral student could want.

The stamp was the accreditation by the American Psychological Association for the doctoral program in … Read More

New Math:Professor Changes Places in Unusual Exchange Program

January 1, 2002 |

Imagine, if you will, two men waking up one morning to discover that they’re driving each other’s cars, living in each other’s homes, visiting each other’s friends and working at each other’s jobs. They switched lives in an area of … Read More

Playing Hoops

October 1, 2001 |

The Xavier Players have the perfect idea for the perfect homecoming production: The Perfect Game. What makes everything so perfect about the production is it’s written by 1955 graduate John Grissmer, it’s a world premier, and, much like homecoming, it … Read More

Human Performance Lab

October 1, 2001 |

The sign hangs ominously outside the O’Connor Sports Center: Human Performance Lab, it reads. An arrow points the way.

Wind through the maze of hallways in the old arena and through the lab’s wooden doors, though, and suddenly this “laboratory” … Read More

Queen City Services

July 1, 2001 |

Queen City Service M.B.A. students Wendell Hull, Jeff Terlinden, Houston Mason and Tom Armstrong spent the semester working on a service-learning project—and trying to help their hometown. The trio were consultants for KnowledgeWorks, an Ohio foundation that supports education initiatives. Their … Read More

Have Carts, Will Travel

July 1, 2001 |

Trying to keep pace with the latest in high-tech educational tools, the University purchased two wireless computer carts for use starting this fall. The carts, which will carry up to 30 laptop computers, turn regular classrooms into computer labs. Through … Read More