In Memory

Nebel, H. Fred ’38 BA
Steuer, Clarence ’40 BS
Woestman, John ’40 AB
Armstrong, W. Frank ’41 BS
Donnelly, Ruth Schroeder ’43 ND (EC)
Ratterman, Cletus A. ’43 BS
Michaels, Betty ’44 BA (EC)
Geoghegan, William A. ’46 ND
Massa, Robert ’46 ND
Cosgrove, William ’48 BSBA
Morris, Aida Valerio ’48 BA (EC)
Mueller, Jeanne Rekers ’48 BA (EC) / ’62 MED
Prudent, Ellen Loos ’48 (EC)
Barry, William ’49 BSBA
Beyer, Raymond ’49 BSBA
Bole, Theresa ’49 BA (EC)
Hagee PhD, G. Richard ’49 BS / ’54 MS
Hart, Louis E. ’49 AB
Hoover, John E. ’49 BS
Keller, Edwin ’49 BSBA
O’Brien, James A. ’49 BA
Olberding, Richard ’49 AB
Reuter, William ’49 BSBA
Sanker, John ’49 BSBA
Taggart, Daniel ’49 BSBA
Behrends, Paul ’50 ND
Busald, Ruth ’50 BSN (EC)
Cleary, Frank ’50 BSBA
Finkel, Robert ’50 BA
Hefele, Thomas ’50 BSBA
Hoerr, Harry ’50 BS
Meyer, Donald J. ’50 AB
Visse, Earl ’50 BSBA
Ballaban, Thomas ’51 BS / ’68 MED
Freeman, Jean Luttmer ’51 BA (EC)
Joering, Janet ’51 BA (EC)
King, James J. ’51 BSBA
Koesters, Eugene ’51 BS
Madden, Frederick Jerome “Jerry” ’51 BS
Powell, John ’51 BS
Remmel, Philip ’51 BS
Stautzenbach RSM, Ina Rose ’51 BSN (EC)
Vetter, Charles ’51 BSBA
Ausdenmoore, Fred ’52 BA
Carroll MD, Mark G. ’52 BS
Dulle, John “Jack” ’52 BSBA
Frey, Francis ’52 ND
Knapp, George ’52 BS
Lovell PhD, Richard ’52 BS / ’53 MS
Rooney, William ’52 BS
Bourne, Gerald W. ’53 BS
Gagliardo, Joseph ’53 BSBA / ’65 MED
Haering, Harold ’53 BS
Siemers, Thomas ’53 BSBA / ’61 MBA
Stoeser RSM, Mary Remi ’53 ND (EC)
Trame, Richard “Dick” ’53 BSBA
Riegert, Robert ’54 BS / ’59 MBA
Wilton, Peter ’54 BS
Wimberg, William ’54 AB
Albers, James ’55 BS
Hogan, Donald ’55 AB / ’68 MA
Luttmann, Betty ’55 BA (EC)
DiSalle Sr., Daniel ’56 BS
Becker, John ’57 MED
Economou, Robert ’57 MED
Ike, John ’57 MBA
Jegen SND, Mary Evelyn ’57 ND (EC)
Ochs, Clarence “Gene” ’57 MBA
Perrino, Dominic ’57 BS
Perry, James ’57 BS
Averbeck, Henry ’58 ND
Bruno, Albert ’58 MED
Coors, Edward ’58 BS
Godar, Joseph ’58 BSBA
Kolbus, Robert “Bob” ’58 BA
Witte, Ralph ’58 MBA
Burns, James ’59 MBA
Cannon, William ’59 BA
Fanning, Charles ’59 BSBA
Mestemaker, Albert ’59 AB
Silvati, John ’59 BSBA
Smith, Edward ’59 MBA
Wientjes, Robert ’59 MED
Doyle, Edward “Ed” ’60 BS
Gortemiller, William ’60 BSBA
Gross, Emerick “Rick”  ’60 MBA
Hamner, Melvin ’60 MBA
Hudepohl OFM, Howard ’60 MED
Obert, William ’60 BS / ’67 MED
Tabeling, Paul ’60 BSBA
Tokar, William ’60 MBA
Bock, Paul ’61 BSBA / ’71 MBA
Enslein, Harry ’61 BSBA / ’68 MBA
Keller, Ronald ’61 BSBA / ’72 MED
Mattscheck, Rev. John “Fr. Jack” ’61 MED
Menapace, Herman ’61 MBA
Blazer, William ’62 BS / ’66 MED
Brogan, T. Daniel ’62 BSBA
Clark, Judy ’62 BS (EC)
Hastings, Robert ’62 MBA
Homan, Barbara ’62 BA (EC) / ’68 MED
Strigle, Richard ’62 ND
Zuberbuhler, William ’62 BS
Brehm Sr., John ’63 BSBA
Brown, Dr. Dennis ’63 BS
Dirr, George Leo ’63 BS
Kohne CSA, Irene ’63 MHA
Luedtke, Francis ’63 BSBA
Czerwinski, Bernard ’64 BSBA / ’66 MBA
Schachleiter, Kenneth ’64 BS
Gunn, R. Stephen ’65 BSBA
Nebel, John ’65 BSBA
Rees, William ’65 MBA
Seavers, Joseph ’65 MED
Flannery, Jacklyn ’66 BS / ’69 MED
Kollstedt, Stephen ’66 BS
Monnin CPPS, Evelyn ’66 MED
Parker, Rex ’66 MED
Stratman, David ’66 HAB
Sunderman, Deacon Jim ’66 BSBA
Diener, Robert ’67 MBA
Eastlake, Jeanne ’67 MED
Hauck, Richard ’67 BS
Maratta, James ’67 BS / ’68 MS
Reiker, Raymond ’67 MBA
Rosebraugh, Suzanne Castellini ’67 MED
Sammons SND, Patricia ’67 ND (EC)
Vorholt, Edward “Ed” ’67 BSBA
Barton, William ’68 MED
Bethel, Ray ’68 MED
Bowe, Alfred ’68 BSBA / ’76 MBA
Coffey, Mary Ann ’68 MBA
Deller, Diane ’68 BS (EC)
Hopp, Rev. Thomas ’68 MED
Johnson Jr., George ’68 MED
Klein, Paul ’68 MBA
LeCompte, Rae Goble ’68 MED
Rhoades, Steve ’68 MED
Russell, John ’68 BS
Stober, Jim ’68 MED
Travis, Robert ’68 BS
Grimm, Joan ’69 MED
Kiebach DDS, Thomas ’69 BS
Rasso, Steven ’69 MED
Sidebottom, Patricia ’69 MED
Vanessa, Charles’69 BS / ’71 MA / ’74 MED
Brockschmidt, Robert ’70 BS
Duryea, James ’70 BSBA
Duryea, Nancy Sullivan ’70 BS (EC)
Edwards, Arnold ’70 MED
Groneman, Raymond “Ray” ’70 AB
Hall, Christopher ’70 BS
Helton Jr., William ’70 MED
Hyatt, Thomas ’70 MED
Kathman, Bernard “Buck” ’70 MED
McCloskey, Robert ’70 MED
O’Donovan, Jeremiah ’70 BA
Pahl, Gerald ’70 MBA
Saler OSF, Helen ’70 MED
Spillane, Donald “Don” ’70 MBA
Drapp, Ronald ’71 AB
Gargaro, James ’71 AB
Kroth, Sandy Lottman ’71 BS (EC)
Krummer, Alice ’71 BA (EC) / MED ’79
Lintner SND, Dolores “Dee” ’71 ND (EC)
Renneker, Lauren McDonough ’71 BS (EC) / ’85 MA
Bickett, Larry ’72 MED
Duke Jr., Ralph ’72 AB
Miller, Clayton “Jack” ’72 MBA
Myers, Stanley ’72 MS
Rippe Sr., Joseph ’72 BS / ’73 MBA
Roedersheimer, Charles ’72 BSBA / ’74 MBA
Van Fleet, Susan ’72 BS (EC)
Dalton, Gary ’73 MED
Fultz, Albert K. ’73 MED
Hosick, June ’73 MED
Maguire, Helen ’73 BS (EC)
Middendorf, John “Jack” ’73 MBA
Milar, Anna B. Wright Johnson ’73 MED
Perry, Nancy Carlton ’73 MED
Schlanser SC., Mary Louise ’73 MED
Smith, Nanette “Corky” ’73 MED
Toth, Fred ’73 MBA
Eyster, Erryl ’74 MED
Howell, Joseph ’74 MED
Lucero OFM, Robert ’74 AB
Callahan, Neil ’75 BSBA
Friedrichs, Paul ’75 BA (EC)
Rinner, Audrey ’75 AB
Arena, Betty Lou Latimer ’76 MED
Fischer, Albert ’76 MED
Haas, D. Michael ’76 MBA
Middeler, Joseph ’76 BS
Topie, Carl ’76 MBA
Warner, Daniel ’76 MED
Amann, Sr. Martha ’77 MED / ’87 MA
Huston, Frederick ’77 MBA
Rosenberg, Beverly ’77 MED
Wolf Jr. PhD, Warren ’77 MBA
Dittoe, Gregg ’78 MBA
Kelley Jr., John “Jack” ’78 MED
Leising, Bernard ’78 AS
George, A. Samuel ’79 MBA
Strittholt, Margaret ’79 MED
Fleming, James ’80 MS
January, Jeremiah ’80 MED
Kreutzjans, SJ, Anthony ’80 BGS
Metz, Daniel ’80 BS (EC)
Smith, Katherine M. ’80 ND
Kohls, John ’81 MBA
Plageman, Susan ’81 BSBA
Schutte, Beverly ’81 AB (EC)
Black, Nancy Stone Kohnen ’82 BGS
Garmatter, Gerri ’82 MED
Perazzo, John ’82 MBA
Whitehead, Dennis ’82 MA
Yarnell III, George “Skip” ’83 MBA
Prasek, Charles ’85 BS
Stambaugh, Vickie Lynn ’85 MED
Tessarolo, Joan ’85 MED
Tolly, John ’85 MBA
Howison, Harvey ’86 MED
Schaefer, James ’86 AB
Rogers, Millard ’87 LLD
Kopittke, George ’88 MBA
Lohrey SM, Howard ’88 MED
Benvie, Daniel ’89 MBA
Hatcher, Sue Ann ’89 MED
Fagin, Mae Budde ’90 BS
Jordan, Archie C. ’91 MBA
Leonard, Elizabeth ’92 BS
McCormick, Matthew ’92 BSBA/‘95 MBA
Meinders, Grant ’92 MBA
Broughton, Angela ’93 MHA
Bagus, Eileen ’94 MA
Hagman OP, Laurene ’96 MA
Williams, Helen Decourcy ’96 LLD
Clark, Dorothy ’99 MED
Hicks, Jeffrey ’99 BSOT
Rohde, Matthew ’03 BSBA
Anderson-Diamond, Julie ’07 MED
Imhoff, Benjamin ’10 MBA
Wilson, Casey ’12 BS
Bunker, Walter S. ’14 BLA

Class Notes

Joseph P. Meissner ’63 AB published a book, The Legal Warriors, in 2013. The book is about the poor individuals and families who struggle daily to gain their rights, including families struggling to save their homes from foreclosure and newcomers to a region seeking a “fresh start in life.”

Richard Cagney  ’72 BSBA was appointed managing director of insurance in the equity group of Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. He is based in the firm’s Chicago office. Cagney joins KBW from Cagney Research Group, which he launched in 2007, bringing three decades of insurance industry expertise to institutional money managers investing in the insurance industry. He served as principal of the firm, overseeing the exchange of information among insurance professionals, as well as between insurance professionals and investors nationwide.

Vince Caponi ’72 AB was appointed to the board of directors of Medizone International. He serves as the executive chairman of the board of directors of St. Vincent Health located in Indianapolis. St. Vincent Health is a member of Ascension Health, the nation’s largest Catholic and not-for-profit health system.

J. Michael Cooney ’72 AB was re-appointed to chair the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Section. A partner in the law firm of Dinsmore & Shohl, he serves as chair of the firm’s estate and trust practice group. He advises clients in estate planning, represents trustees and trust beneficiaries in trust administration matters, and executors and beneficiaries in probate court matters. Cooney is a past chair of the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Trust, Wills and Estate Planning Section, and a past president of both the Cincinnati Bar Foundation and the Cincinnati Estate Planning Council. He is a fellow and state chair of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, and a past chair of the Southwestern Ohio Tax Institute. Cooney earned his law degree from the University of Michigan.

Paul Fissel ’74 MBA joined Downing-Frye Realty at the Bonita Springs office as a sales associate. Originally from Cleveland, Fissel has owned property in Bonita Springs since 2002. Before real estate, he had a 40-year career in banking in the Midwest. Paul is a member of NABOR, FAR and NAR.

Michael Mushett ’74 BA was named chief executive officer of Turnstone. The non-profit offers programs and facilities designed to improve the lives of people with disabilities.

Julie Costello MD ’79 BS has joined the medical staff at Knox Community Hospital in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Costello is board-certified in internal medicine and pulmonology. She completed her medical degree at The Ohio State University.

James Pope ’84 MHA, president and CEO of Sylvania Franciscan Health with hospitals, assisted and nursing care facilities in Ohio, Kentucky and Texas, received the 2014 St. Francis Award. Recipients of these awards are selected for their unique and exemplary contributions to society and modeling Franciscan values in their everyday lives. The award is given by the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio.

The Rev. Edward T. Pratt ’85 BSBA became a part-time member of the Badin High School staff for 2014-2015. Pratt is the pastor at Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Monroe, Ohio, and the administrator of Holy Name of Jesus Church in Trenton, Ohio. He was ordained in 2008. Prior to ordination, Pratt was the human resources director for Mercy Hospitals in Fairfield and Hamilton, Ohio, and served as a consultant with the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators.

Greg Roth ’85 MHA was appointed to the board of directors at SpecialtyCare. Roth was CEO of TeamHealth Holdings from May 2008 until his retirement in September 2014. He joined the organization as president and COO in November 2004. Under his leadership, TeamHealth transformed from a privately held company with $1 billion in annual revenues and a focus on emergency services to a publicly traded company with $2.7 billion in annual revenues. His prior experience includes 20 years with the ambulatory surgery division of HCA Holdings where he served as CFO, senior vice president of operations and president. Before Xavier, Roth earned a bachelor’s degree in allied health sciences from the Ohio State University.

Jeff Bringardner ’86 MBA was named the 2015 board chair of the Leadership Louisville Center. As a graduate of the Leadership Louisville class of 2007, Bringardner is a longtime supporter of the center. He joined the board of directors in July 2009. Jeff is regional vice president of market development for Humana-Kentucky/Ohio.

Terry Fouch ’86 MED was named superintendent of Bright Local Schools. He taught graduate-level educational administration classes at Xavier. Prior to that, he served as superintendent of Greenfield Exempted Village Schools for eight years. Fouch was employed by the Ohio Department of Education where he mentored beginning administrators, and was the personnel director for Adams County/Ohio Valley Local Schools. He was also employed by East Clinton Local Schools where he served as teacher, athletic director, administrator and superintendent. Fouch has over 40 years of educational experience with 13 years as superintendent. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Capital University.

John Dovich ’87 AB was named to the Cincinnati advisory board of The Salvation Army. Dovich serves as president of John D. Dovich & Associates, an SEC registered investment advisory firm he founded in 1987. He holds the professional designations of Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant.

Patrick Mathews ’88 BSBA was named chief financial officer at Tire Discounters. Mathews is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and began his career as a staff tax accountant for the Castellini Co. before moving into public accounting with Deloitte & Touche in Cincinnati. Mathews has held chief financial officer and senior management positions for many closely held public and private businesses, and consulted with dozens of companies, including Barnes & Noble, Duke Energy and Fifth Third Bank. He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and Ohio Society of CPAs and has also served on many local boards in the Cincinnati area.

Thomas Bratten ’93 MED was named superintendent of Stow-Munroe Falls City School District in northenr Ohio. He is a strong proponent for children, as well as a community leader, and has a history as an outstanding educator and administrator. He entered the classroom in 1991 as an English teacher at Moeller High School in Cincinnati and has since held a variety of positions in various school districts for 23 years. Bratten served as superintendent of Salem City Schools from 2009 to 2014. He was an assistant principal, high school principal and director of career and technical education for Canton Local Schools from 2000 to 2009. He has also served at Cincinnati Moeller High School, Bishop Kenny High School in Jacksonville, Fla., Marlington Local Schools and Louisville City Schools as teacher, coach, assistant principal and athletic director.

Mark Hosfeld ’93 MBA has been promoted to vice president of leasing and development for Duke Realty’s Indianapolis office. Mark previously was vice president of industrial leasing for Indianapolis. He will now be responsible for all Indianapolis operations related to the company’s 23.7 million-square-foot office and industrial portfolio. He joined Duke Realty in 1998 as a leasing representative in Cincinnati and, in 2000, moved to Duke Realty’s Indianapolis office. In 2007, Hosfeld was promoted to vice president of industrial leasing, responsible for the development of three of the company’s largest industrial developments—AllPoints Midwest, AllPoints at Anson and Lebanon Business Park. Hosfeld is a member of the Indiana Chapter of NAIOP. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Bowling Green State University.

Kermit Randa ’93 MHA was appointed CEO by PeopleAdmin, owned by Vista Equity Partners. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, PeopleAdmin is a provider of talent management solutions. Randa’s management experience includes working at EMC, Surgical Information Systems and Greenway Health. His extensive executive experience includes serving as chief operating officer at Surgical Information Systems and executive vice president at Greenway Health. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.

Durbin Vido ’93 MBA was appointed to the Hartford County Library board of trustees. He is managing director and senior vice president at SunTrust Private Wealth Management. Along with his involvement in the national and regional Arthritis Foundation, he contributes to his sons’ sports programs including as assistant soccer coach at the Fallston Recreational Council.

Shiloh Turner ’94 BA, vice president for community investment at The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, received the Ohio Philanthropy Innovation Award from Philanthropy Ohio. Turner leads a new approach for addressing large challenges, called collective impact. The collective impact model is a disciplined effort to bring together a cross-sector partnership aligning action around a common agenda to make large-scale community change.

Daniel St. Carles ’96 BS, a web developer at DAS Solutions, contracting with Robert Half Technologies and Cando, has joined the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority’s board of trustees. At DAS Solutions, his clients have included Organized Living, eBay and Fischer Homes. St. Carles previously worked as a contracted software developer, project leader and financial consultant for A.W. St. Charles & Associates, and as IT director for Frank J. Catanzaro Sons & Daughters. He is a board member of Blue Chip Republicans and the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes.

Roger David ’98 MBA, the former head of Buffalo Wings & Rings, joined Gold Star as a senior vice president in preparation to become CEO. David is the son of Beshara David, who founded Gold Star Chili in 1965. David worked for the family business’ marketing department for 10 years before he left to earn an MBA at Xavier and work for an Internet consulting company. He began working at Buffalo Wings & Rings after working on a project for the company and later helped transition its restaurants from sports bars to family gathering places.

Matt Tripepi ’98 BA/’04 MBA was promoted to digital communications lead at DunnhumbyUSA. He is responsible for the strategy and planning of personalized loyalty communications across digital channels for Dunnhumby clients and their customers. Previously Tripepi served as senior associate of communications and media, where he was responsible for working with retail clients to develop precisely targeted and relevant communications to their customers. Prior to joining DunnhumbyUSA, Tripepi worked for Xavier as the director for Alumni Relations.

Karla Russo ’00 MBA joined The Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati as Vice President-Human Resources. Russo provides overall leadership and direction for human resources, including workforce planning, recruiting and employee relations. Her previous professional experience includes employment with Comair/Delta, where she served as Vice President-Human Resources.

Michael Verlingo ’00 MBA was named treasurer for North Ridgeville City Schools. He previously was employed as treasurer of Shawnee Local Schools in Lima, Ohio, and served in the same position for the Clark County Educational Service Center. Verlingo earned his undergraduate degree in accounting at the University of Dayton in 1979. He’s a Certified Public Accountant and holds a treasurer’s license from the state of Ohio.

Tony Houston ’01 MHSA was named president of CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs. Houston was executive vice president and chief operating officer at SSM St. Mary’s Hospital in Jefferson City, Mo. He joined the company in 2010 as its corporate director of operational finance. His experience in health care dates to 2000, when he worked for the University of Chicago Hospitals. In between, Houston was a senior associate consulting on health care provider management for PricewaterhouseCoopers and a senior director of public finance with Fitch Ratings. He earned a BS at the University of Cincinnati.

Kristy Voorhees ’02 BSBA/’03MBA was promoted to assistant controller of contractors division at Roto-Rooter. She joined Roto-Rooter in 2005 and most recently held the position of accounting supervisor.

Angela Fassbender ’04 BABA/’09 MBA was hired by DunnhumbyUSA as senior client lead of manufacture practice in the Cincinnati office. Fassbender is responsible for managing select manufacturer client partners and developing client strategy and engagement solutions. Prior to DunnhumbyUSA, she worked at H.J. Heinz as senior category manager leading category management teams for Kroger and Target.

Brian Kathmann ’05 BSBA was promoted to director, client solutions manager at DunnhumbyUSA in the Cincinnati office. His focus is partnering with capability, client and insight leaders to deliver customer guided merchandising solutions to clients. Previously he served as a client solutions lead on the price and promotions team. Prior to joining DunnhumbyUSA, he worked at Fifth Third Bank in internal communications and marketing. He is a recruiting lead for Xavier and a mentor through Xavier’s Executive Member Program. Kathmann also helps lead Dunnhumby’s yearly Movember campaign for men’s health awareness. He lives in Mount Washington, Ohio, with his wife and family.

Jon Beres ’06 BSBA/ ’11 MED was named senior development officer at Summit Country Day School. He previously served as assistant director for Auxiliary Services and admission counselor at Xavier. Beres is active in the Central Parkway YMCA, the First Tee of Greater Cincinnati and the United Way Volunteer Connections Council. He’s on Xavier’s All For One executive board and in the Young Alumni Cincinnati chapter.

Paul DiMuzio ’06 BLA is the logistics supervisor for Senior Services of Northern Kentucky. He coordinates transportation and food delivery services. DiMuzio is a U.S. Navy veteran and formerly worked for Xavier, the U.S. Playing Card Co. and Cognis Corporation. He has extensive volunteer experience with local charities and non-profits.

Dion Reyes ’06 BS began his administrative career as Mason Intermediate School’s assistant principal. He earned his bachelor’s in special education from Xavier and his master’s degree in educational leadership from the University of Cincinnati. Reyes joined the fourth and fifth grade school after teaching at Delhi Middle School for eight years.

Jill Miller ’07 MBA was named executive director of Bethesda. In her new role, Miller leads the organization’s grant-making initiatives, works with the board to drive strategic goals, promotes organizational activities and oversees communications. She is a highly motivated senior leader who founded the Joey Votto Foundation, where as executive director she managed grants and created and implemented non-profit programs. She is a former development director at Ronald McDonald House, where she exceeded fundraising goals, facilitated organizational change and led efforts to empower board members and community volunteers.

Elizabeth Wagoner ’07 MBA joined DunnhumbyUSA as associate director of operations. She supports the execution of the firm’s information security program. Elizabeth worked previously as assistant vice president of IT security and risk at Fifth Third Bank and for 10 years as security services client manager at Hewlett Packard.

Logan Niebur ’09 BSBA joined Climbing magazine as their new National Sales Manager.

Ruth Werner ’10 BSBA joined the Greater Cincinnati Foundation as manager of accounting. Werner provides support for budgeting, financial/operational analysis and statistical reporting. She was previously at Fifth Third Bank.

Amy Gorga ’12 MED is engaged to Bill Hauer. The wedding will take place on Saturday, July 25, in Cincinnati.

Michael Slattery ’12 BLA joined Ohio National Financial Services in Montgomery as vice president of information technology and technology officer. He has over 30 years of experience in the information technology and financial services field, including experience in electronic data systems. For nearly 20 years, Michael held IT positions at Ameritas, most recently serving as vice president of IT infrastructure services.

Steven Snyder ’12 MBA joined the law firm of Jenkins Fenstermaker, where he practices labor and employment law, commercial litigation and intellectual property law in the firm’s Huntington office. Snyder previously worked as a staff attorney for the West Virginia Supreme Court’s Judicial Investigation Commission, and as a labor and employment and privacy attorney for General Electric’s Aviation division in Cincinnati. He received his law degree from the University of Illinois, and is licensed to practice in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Stanzi Littlefield ’13 BA, Danville, Ky., was accepted into the Peace Corps and departed for Jordan to begin training as a community youth development volunteer. Littlefield will be teaching English in a formal classroom setting in addition to organizing clubs, camps and sports activities. During the first three months of service, she will live with a host family in Jordan to learn the language and integrate into the local culture. After acquiring language and cultural skills, she will be sworn into service and assigned to a community in Jordan where she will serve for two years.

Zach Boothe ’14 BA has joined the Dental Care Plus Group in the central Ohio sales and established business department. Boothe serves as sales specialist in the growing Columbus market. He will provide support to the sales division through arranging and distributing dental and vision requests for proposals. His primary responsibilities include coordinating the group’s process and developing and maintaining comprehensive electronic records for both prospective and new clients. Boothe also serves as a point of contact for sales and agent-related questions. He previously worked as a marketing intern for the Marvin Lewis Community Fund.

Genevieve Hager ’14 BSW was named a Brueggeman Fellow of the Winter-Cohen Family Center and is completing her year of independent research with a 10-week international immersion experience in Sweden. Hager is in Stockholm working with researchers at the Karolinska Institute and SveDem, the Swedish Dementia Registry, comparing Sweden’s model of health care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease to the U.S. She also will travel to Amsterdam, the Netherlands to visit facilities and review methods of care of residents at Hogeway, often referred to as “Dementiaville.”

Changing the World by Design

Kate Hanisian was in her office the first time a goat walked in. The same with the chicken. They just meandered in off the street.

It definitely wasn’t typical, but then again nothing in her life at that particular moment was typical. In 2009, Hanisian left her job at the Ohio Justice and Policy Center in Cincinnati to move to Tamil Nadu, India, a rural town in the country’s southern-most state, in an effort to focus on starting a new nonprofit she and her husband created called Design Impact. The business’s mission: Find ways to use design to create social change.

[lightbox link=””]Kate1[/lightbox]“We were interested in embedded design,” Hanisian says. “What happens when you live and work with the community you’re designing for over time—not parachuting in, interviewing and going back to design in the comforts of a design studio.”

They were embedded to the point where goats and chickens interrupting the day became no big deal. But Hanisian knew that by working internationally she could make a bigger impact. And she did.

Local residents were suffering health problems because they were using wood and kerosene stoves to cook with—indoors. So she and her team set out to design a safer, less toxic alternative. But it wasn’t easy.

The “design studio” Hanisian worked in was an old stone building with a broken cement floor, across from an ancient temple. And something as simple as building a prototype took days instead of hours because the team had to rely on a shopkeeper in the nearest town to produce it.

[lightbox link=””]brickette[/lightbox]“The city was 90 minutes away,” Hanisian says, “and it took 10 days of going every day, sitting on a stoop in a dusty alley in the middle of the city, all day, in the heat.”

Hanisian calls that “great relationship-building time.” She was able to get to know people in the community and their needs, and in the midst of challenging conditions, her team successfully built a smokeless charcoal briquette stove to replace the wood-burning stoves. They also made it sustainable by designing a process to manufacture the briquettes locally, establishing distribution channels and training a group of women in producing and selling the product.

Watch Hanisian’s TedX talk about her experience in India.

[lightbox link=””]katehvideo[/lightbox]“We didn’t just design the stove,” Hanisian said. “We designed an entire social enterprise.”

The process took two years, and Design Impact has been making a difference ever since by sponsoring social design fellows and programs in locations from California to China. Now back in Cincinnati, Hanisian spends most of her time teaching others in the nonprofit and social sector new ways to tackle what she calls “big, hairy, complex social problems,” because, she says, “we’re passionate about getting other people passionate about this.”

Psychology Today

Christian End is, arguably, the most quoted professor on campus. The associate professor of psychology is an expert in understanding the behavior of sports fans, who sometimes seem to defy logic but leave him with an unending source of examples for his research. When the media look for an explanation, they call End. Beginning this summer, he’s also expanding his media coverage. The editors at Psychology Today, the leading journal devoted to understanding what people do and why they do it, asked him to write a monthly blog on sports psychology for its website. His first post is now at


Baseball Grabs Big East Title

It didn’t matter that it was May and the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean along the New York shore was somewhere between cold and frigid.

It didn’t matter that people were walking along the Coney Island Boardwalk. It didn’t matter that they didn’t have swimsuits.

20140525_122259The Xavier baseball team was going for a plunge. The impromptu swim was actually a celebration following the team’s 5-0 win over Creighton that gave Xavier the 2014 Big East Championship title.

Xavier just barely made the Championship, claiming the final spot, and got off to a rough start, both on and off the field. Off the field, the team’s flight to New York was late, the bus to the hotel had a flat on I-95, and when they got to the hotel, the rooms were flooded because of a plumbing issue so they had to go to a second hotel and didn’t arrive until midnight. That was followed by a 9-2 opening game loss to—of all opponents—top-ranked Creighton. But wins against St. John’s and Seton Hall in the double-elimination tournament set up the rematch against Creighton.

Outfielder Mitch Elliott was named the tournament’s MVP, while five other Xavier players—Dan Rizzle, Joe Forney, Derek Hasenbeck, Sean Campbell and freshman pitcher Trent Astle, who threw the title-winning three-hit shutout—were also named to the all-tournament team.

The title earned the Musketeers a trip to the College World Series, where they lost their opener against Vanderbilt, beat Clemson and were eventually knocked out in an extra-innings loss to the University of Oregon. The team finished the season with a 30-29 record.

Together Again

Romain Sato and Justin Doellman were teammates on the men’s basketball team for just one season, 2003-2004.

Sato was a senior, Doellman a freshman. But together they led Xavier to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament. Ten years later, the pair found themselves back together, this time in Valencia, Spain.

sato2They also found themselves just as successful on the court. The two led Valencia to the Eurocup Championship this year, beating Kazan (Russia). Both Sato and Doellman were named to the all-Eurocup team, with Doellman adding the championship MVP award to those honors.

This was Doellman’s second Euroleague season.

Sato also won a Euroleague title in 2011 with Panathinaikos (Greece) and an Italian League title in 2009 with Siena and a League MVP award in 2010.

[divider] Video Highlights [/divider]

• Watch highlights from Game 1 of the Finals.

• Watch highlights from Game 2 of the Finals.

• Watch an interview with Sato.

• Watch an interview with Doellman.

• Watch highlights of Doellman’s MVP performance.

Internal Operations

With an eye on the future, the University is in the planning stages of launching a new fundraising campaign. A large part of any successful campaign takes place behind the scenes.

At Xavier, that aspect is handled by the internal operations team. Internal operations is led by Susan Abel, associate vice president and campaign coordinator.

As a whole, the group gathers, organizes, manages and disseminates information that guides the sound and effective advancement and overall business decisions of Xavier’s development office.  It is composed of five main areas within the Division of University Relations:

Data management and gift processing. Led by associate director Mary Pranger, staff members, Betsy Salzl, Brigid Cucinotta, Mary Beth Bruns and Laurel Bauer work to maintain
biographic and demographic data on over 150,000 alumni, parents and friends. They record
nearly 5 million pieces data annually. This group also processes an average of 25,000 gifts into
the University each year. The department supports other University Relations staff in fundraising and communication efforts and assists others across campus to provide needed data.

Data Analysis and Reporting. Led by Elena Gavrilova, the group develops business
intelligence solutions to support data-driven decision-making in fundraising; and provides
statistical support for strategic decision-making by applying a variety of analytical methods,
including building predictive models for identifying new prospects and raising funds

Prospect research, management and discovery. Led by director Matt Morneault, the staff of Jenny Thacker and Pat Froehle, work closely with the development staff and are the primary source for new-prospect identification. The group supports development staff with individualized research highlighting bio-demographics, asset analysis and gift capacity estimates. It also manages a sophisticated system to code, track and analyze prospect engagement. And it supports senior staff with both high level and focused analytics to make sure that appropriate measurements are achieved.

Technology and Systems. Under the leadership of Laura Ruwe, the group provides all
technical support and training for the various systems and devices utilized by the division. She serves as the primary partner with Information technology and vendors, and discovers ways to more efficiently use our systems and data to allow the division to do more.

Communications. Trinity Lamping works to coordinate all communications for the division including print, web, advertising, e-mail and social media. She also assists the division by helping coordinate divisional events.

Strategic Planning

magisOne year into his tenure as athletic director, Greg Christopher published a road map for Xavier athletics for the next five years. And it’s a rather ambitious map, as well. The strategic plan ties athletics goals with the University’s goals, and includes such aspirational ideas as pushing attendance at Cintas Center to 500,000 annually, selling out all men’s basketball games, updating the Cintas Center, becoming financially self-sufficient and winning a national championship.

Read the report.