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Xavier Magazine | October 22, 2018

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Posts By Greg Schaber

Changing Dialogue

July 1, 2003 |

James Buchanan is on the phone. His voice pours quietly into the sunlit hallway outside his second-floor office in Hinkle Hall. Buchanan waves an acknowledgement, takes a few minutes to wind up the conversation and opens the door wide. The … Read More

Going Pro

July 1, 2003 |

Bobby Bevel and Matt Watson aren’t yet household names. But their successes to date could turn golden—not only for them, but for the University’s baseball program as well. While other members of the University’s teams have made the leap from … Read More

Spiritual Reflection

July 1, 2003 |

Kaleel Skeirik believes the time is right for a new look at some tough, timeless spiritual questions.

“We have challenges with gun legislation in this country, high school violence, bombings from within, and we’re attacking other countries,” he says. “Where … Read More

On the Road Again

July 1, 2003 |

Some people plan to live quietly after retirement. Then there’s Thomas Reese. The 1965 graduate has had a 40-year love affair with antique cars. And he loves competition. So when he retired in 2001 as an executive vice president at … Read More

Off the Cuff

July 1, 2003 |

“I’m not a cufflink collector,” Jim McCoy says with a wry smile. “I’m a cufflink user.” The line is a fine one. Over the past 20-plus years, McCoy’s accumulated—and worn —900 pairs.

Like many hobbies, McCoy’s started with a simple … Read More

Answering the Call

April 2, 2003 |

The Hamilton County Communications Center is quiet. For now. It’s 9:00 p.m., the parking lot is far from full and the glass-fronted lobby is empty. Inside, Chris Ferguson, Bob George, Larry Babel and about a dozen others sit quietly in … Read More

The Sounds of Life

April 2, 2003 |

It’s a cold, blustery Friday afternoon in January, and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is all but empty. Apart from the friendly face at the gate and a few straggling golf carts manned by zoo workers, the popular attraction … Read More

Just for Laughs

January 1, 2003 |

The next time you flip on the daytime version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,” check out the faces in the audience. If they’re smiling, R.C. Smith has done his job.

Smith—known as Ron when he graduated from the … Read More

Business Plan

January 1, 2003 |

For Bob Lenhart, the roots of rock ’n’ roll weave their way through Xavier’s executive M.B.A. program, specifically Sherrie Human’s entrepreneurial class.

The Cincinnati businessman and 1999 graduate took the business plan he and a group of fellow students created … Read More

Beating Cheating

October 2, 2002 |

Paul Fiorelli sat behind his desk grading papers when he suddenly became excited. Grading papers is a monotonous task, but occasionally a good paper comes along that makes the effort worthwhile. For a moment, Fiorelli, a professor of legal studies, … Read More